Private Banking onboarding for individual accounts and complex structures

Providing a great onboarding journey is the start of any good Client relationship. Strong regulatory and organizational requirements make this a challenge for banks. atfinity delivers a simple and straightforward digital journey that enables advisors to get all relevant data, to provide all necessary documentation, to collaborate efficiently with the Client and to accelerate the internal processes. Using existing documents allows to have an end-to-end digital journey in no time.

Dynamic KYC

Depending on Clients’ risk the KYC requirements differ. On top, changing Client circumstances or regulatory requirements impact what needs to be filed per Client. atfinity guides through the collection process, detects possible information gaps and delivers the required documentation. The simplicity for the bankers and the ease to add new requirements make it easier and cheaper to excel in this process.

Product Subscription

Advising and subscribing products from multiple providers is a challenging process for advisors and Clients. Documentation requirements vary strongly among those product providers. atfinity digitizes this process by providing one uniform journey that advisors go through. This allows to reduce iterations to Clients, accelerates checks and stores data for future subscriptions.

Legal Request Handling

Legal teams are facing a high and ever growing number of requests from internal stakeholders. atfinity’s guided process helps to structure and prioritize these request and allows stakeholders to track the status independently. Moreover, the solution enables to channel communication and store information of requests centrally. This cuts redundancies and saves time, effort and money.

Client Outreach

Banks and asset managers are facing regulatory changes at an increasing pace. atfinity enables your organization to manage regulatory changes with a central outreach tool, avoiding cumbersome excel-based checks, paper-based Client communication and data storage. Moreover, new Client information gained through Client outreaches can easily be integrated into other processes that are digitized with atfinity.

Product Recommendation

Regulation requires to only recommend suitable and appropriate products to your Clients. With atfinity, product recommendations are digitized effortlessly: Clients and advisors are guided through a set of questions, determining Client characteristics, risk appetite and financial goals. Investments applicable to the client are recommended accordingly.

Your process

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Client example: atfinity for Private Banking Client Onboarding

A Swiss based bank faced the problems of losing Clients in the sales funnel, missing revenues due to long lead times and expensive levels of defense.

atfinity delivered a solution that:

increases onboarding velocity.

makes the process
more Client friendly.

reduces risks and costs.

Effects: Prospects were 26% more profitable in the first year and they recorded 36% more onboardings and 25% less costs due to a more efficient process.