• atfinity covers end-to-end processes from data collection to document selection, form filling, digital signature, approval workflows and data interfaces to third party systems.

  • atfinity’s artificial intelligence core automatically generates the optimal process and a dynamic wizard guides the users through a self-explaining journey that cuts all unnecessary steps.

  • atfinity accelerates implementation speed by using existing requirements, e.g. forms, checklists and policies.

No coding is required to generate digital processes, which is why atfinity has a short time to market and allows changes to be made easily.

atfinity is faster, cheaper and simpler compared to …

  • … Paper or manual processes
    avoiding errors, storing all data in one place, orchestrate better with atfinity

  • … CRM or specialised software
    More dynamic flows, better fit for regulatory requirements with atfinity

  • … Core banking or ERP systems
    More flexibility and independence, better time-to-market with atfinity

  • … Workflow engines or BPM tools
    atfinity is much cheaper and quicker to implement, requires less change and enables broader digitization

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