Our interview process

In our interview process, we ensure that you have the chance to interact with most of the team members at atfinity, so you get a feeling of atfinity and the potential future team. It’s important for us to have a team which not only can work professionally together but also works well on a personal level.

  • 1. You send us an application

  • 2. We want to get to know you

  • 3. A technical interview with one of our engineers / potential colleague (depending on your role)

  • 4. You will be invited to our office and spend a day with us

  • 5. Offer

Level Playing Field

atfinity is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Your nationality, gender, religion, race, color, sexual orientation and other personal preferences aren’t important to us. We offer equal pay for equal qualifications, no matter who you are! We’re seeking dedicated candidates who are experts in their field and looking to join a dynamic team.

A focus on continued education

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