When engineers, designers and business experts work together, good things happen. In our iterative development process we do everything to understand our customers’ pain points and turn these insights into powerful products. We build insightful prototypes, make smart decisions and deliver a final product.

We build solutions, not just software

The atfinity mission is to bring technology in one of the biggest industries to the next level. We listen to our customers and help them build something that really helps. This means we create prototypes and experiment with ideas, while also keeping the quality high enough to deploy the results to production. For this, we have developed a web and mobile framework to create full-stack rest applications rapidly and try to make every bit we develop modular. Our efforts also culminated into the rule repository and engine framework REGO, which helps us solve problems in the area of rules.


“We believe in solutions, not just fancy software. We believe every member of atfinity should know why we are building something and why we are not building something else.”

Thorben, CTO at atfinity

Push forward, together

We are a multicultural team with a problem-solving mindset, which is crucial for being able to develop the software our customers need. When we say we go end-to-end, we really mean it: We analyze the market, technology trends and our customers; build mobile apps, regulatory tools and fill them with content; look at usage & operations and design software that provides great user experiences.

We offer

  • International, equal work environment

  • Team trips and events

  • An endless supply of challenging problems

  • Competitive startup-salaries

  • That ”startup experience” you’ve been looking for

  • Team members which love to be more than just workmates


“I love that we start each day with a standup. In this way everyone knows what the others are up to and then we know we are on track and can enjoy coffee together.”

Tijana, Software Engineer and Team Head at atfinity

Where are we heading?

We engineer software solutions which simplify compliance. Banks are subject to strict regulation which are an essential part of the prevention of money laundering, tax fraud and necessary to control the risks of the financial sector. Complying with the rapidly changing regulations is complicated and extremely demanding for everyone involved. Our software ensures that banks always have their clients compliant.

In the past three years, a number of projects and challenges have led to the development of a well functioning Minimum Viable Product which is excellently received on the market. New components of our solution need to be engineered and existing ones pushed further. We are therefore expanding our team to reach our next challenging milestones.

Exquisite Coffee

A super fancy Italian coffee machine is just a few steps away from your desk!

A focus on continued education

Keep Learning!

We have tons of interesting challenges for you to keep learning constantly! More formally, we encourage people to visit conferences, make sure they have all the books they ever wanted to read and pay for language courses.

A focus on continued education

Constant Improvement

We take care to have an excellent working environment, so that you can do your best work. Something is holding you back? Let’s change it!

What does our week look like?

Working at atfinity not only gives you exposure to real-world customers and projects, but also to world-changing products. As a startup we grow together and sometimes in uncharted territory. We want everybody to thrive with us and our company culture reflects that.

  • We start each morning with a stand up followed by a nice espresso from our Italian Coffee Machine.

  • We eat lunch together in the chillout area in the office – often we end up talking about topics such as ”which Lego brick is the best” or ”which series of movies is the best for a weekend movie marathon”

  • During a week most likely something unforeseen comes up, but we adapt easily to new challenges and tasks. We use Scrum for our planning.

  • On Wednesdays, we have team breakfast

  • Wednesday is the day, where we have our Sprint Meeting and Staff meeting, where the management tell us what is going on on the business side. But we also have a demo, so we can see the progress of our software. In this way, all members of atfinity know what is going on.

  • Friday is a cool day because then we get pizza for lunch

  • On Friday’s we often go for an after work beer.  We have the nearest bar just a few meters from our office as we are located 5 minutes away from Hardbrucke station.

  • A week goes fast as we enjoy working on developing innovative and groundbreaking software! We work with the newest cutting-edge technology. We are a team and each of us has a voice with weight.

  • Becoming a part of our team means more than just being a work colleague. You will hopefully like to become a part of our team culture.


“For me, atfinity provided the perfect startup internship experience. Working with a modern technology stack and an approachable management that welcomes initiatives is deeply gratifying as it gives a fulfilling sense of purpose.”

Can, Software Engineering Intern at atfinity

Be part of a growing team!

Join our amazing team of Computer Science- and Business-Specialists. We are always looking for new talent to make our strong foundation even stronger.